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Gender Prediction: An Obsession for Would-Be Parents

Am I having a boy or a girl? This is most probably the question most parents have in mind after knowing that their family is going to have a newest member. Both moms and dads will surely be excited, but it is not easy to have a well-informed baby predictor. There are many products available in the market, but their effectiveness remains to be questionable. Nonetheless, if you just observe caution and do your research before making a decision, it will be possible for you to find a product for gender predictor test that is sure to work.


The Importance of Gender Prediction


Most people are actually not aware of the fact that predicting the gender of babies is a tradition that has been around since the ancient times. During the Stone Age, if there are no boys in the family, the family will most likely not survive because no one is going to hunt food for them. This made them offer foods to the gods and engage in various rituals just to have a boy. The difference today is that the bias towards having a baby boy is no longer that apparent, with most parents just wishing to know the gender of their baby early on.


Why would you bother in thinking whether you are having a boy or a girl? If you have never been pregnant or if you have never had a pregnant wife, it will be hard to understand. For many, there is joy in knowing the gender of your would-be kid early on as it will allow you to plan other things correctly. Painting the nursery room, choosing a good name, and buying baby clothes and toys can all be done easily once you are already aware of the gender.


Most people would resort into the use of noninvasive prenatal testing and ultrasound for gender test. While these innovative technologies can provide you with reliable results, they can be expensive, and they cannot be done during the earlier stages of pregnancy. With this, the perfect alternative would be gender prediction kits. The amount of testosterone present in the sample used, whether urine or blood, will be the basis of determining the gender of your would-be baby.


Pre-Conception Methods of Gender Selection


If you don’t want to be in a situation wherein you are going to predict if you are having a boy or a girl, the best thing to do is to plan the gender of the baby ahead, which should be done during the pre-conception period. Yes, there are techniques that will help you in selecting the gender before having a baby! Checking the period of ovulation, modifying your diet, and using specific sexual positions, among others, are believed to be helpful in selecting the gender of your would-be baby.