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A boy or a Girl? Why it is Important to Know and How to Make it Happen

A boy or a Girl? Why it is Important to Know and How to Make it Happen


Can you imagine how amazing it is to learn the gender of the baby you are carrying before the technology can figure out the gender beforehand? You get an answer to the question, which always on your mind when you are pregnant ‘Am I having a boy or a girl?’ The gender predictions kits can do the trick.

You do not need to go or take your wife for a scan to learn the baby’s gender. If you are planning to have a baby, you can determine the gender of the baby before you even conceive. You no longer have to long for the baby gender predictor; there is a natural way to determine the gender of your baby. Your pregnancy journey starts with ample preparation.

Create the Right Reception for the Desired Gender

Whether you desire a boy or a girl, you can start by preparing your body to receive the baby. Essentially, having a boy or a girl depends on the woman’s body environment.  Science tells us that the male sperm is the determining factors during conception – The X-chromosomes and Y-chromosomes constitution. Nonetheless, the vagina PH can also influence the outcome of a conception.

The condition of the vaginal walls can determine the number of sperms that manage to pass through to the uterus and hence the outcome of the fertilization process. The vaginal PH level depends on the food you eat. Ultimately, when you choose your diet, you can determine the vaginal PH level and hence determine the gender of your baby. Having a baby requires prior preparation, and you can use this time to determine the gender of the baby.

Why it is Important to Know the Baby Gender in Advance

Gender prediction using the common myths is popular when relatives determine the gender of the child depending on the intensity of your morning sickness. Others look at the size of the tummy and make the predictions. However, carrying out a gender predictor test using the gender predictor kit gives you a chance to learn about the baby gender well in advance. It has a fulfilling feeling, unlike the emotionless ‘You are having a girl’ or ‘you are having a boy’ declaration by the lab technician.

Moreover, doing a gender test knowing the gender of the baby in advance will save you the agony of color selection and baby naming. You will spend time doing constructive work, you can paint your nursery in advance before the baby arrives. A baby predictor can help you plan before the arrival of your baby. At this level, you can plan way before conception the gender of baby, by using pre-conception methods that include proper diet, ovulation period and other natural factors.